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We are Generations Everlasting

Generations Everlasting truly began decades ago with the grandmother of our founder, Ellen Hayden. Ellen owned and operated Hayden Acres throughout her life and became a prominent, trusted and beloved figure in her home community, Snohomish County, Washington. Ellen carried a legacy for living an honest life full of wisdom, dedication and integrity which she passed on through her family and many friends and students. Upon inheriting what was left of her land it didn’t seem right to take her life’s work and simply do nothing with it. So I chose to sell the property in Washington and use it to invest into something that would allow me to make wonderful memories for people just as she had for so many years. After a lifelong passion and love for horses, also thanks to my grandmother, it seemed only right for me to begin with a horse and carriage as the foundation of what we do. So in 2018 I created an LLC to further strengthen the dedication to hard-work and honesty from generation to generation to generation. We are Generations Everlasting. 

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